Q: Does it cost anything to attend the festival?
A: Absolutely not! Craft & food vendors will be selling their wares, and most of the retail shops in the center will be open for sales, but it costs nothing to peruse & enjoy the music.

Q: Can I bring my pet?
A: If your dog, cat, rabbit, miniature horse, etc. is well behaved & on a short leash, and you pick up after them- yes, they are welcome. If they have social issues, it might be a good idea (for them and everyone else) if they stay home where they know they’re safe.

Q: Is this a family-friendly event?
A: Of course! We are a family run business/festival & can’t imagine going out for the day without our own kids (that’s a lie, we may on occasion fantasize about exactly that…), so by all means bring yours!

Q: Can I smoke/vape/etc at the festival?
A: While we respect everyone’s rights to live their best life, we respect EVERYONE’S rights to living their best lives, thus we ask that there be no smoking/vaping by anyone on fair premises.

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